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Cost - 1700 rubles. / Person.

The cost includes transport, guide, and all entrance fees.


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Diving into the atmosphere of folk traditions and history of the region

Comfortable bus, stop for lunch

Guide - Senior Researcher

Visit the revered saints-sources

Enjoying spectacular scenery

A cap of tea with the traditional pastries

The tour covers the sanctuaries of the Southern Ural offering an insight into national traditions and a mining history of the region:


• Overview of “accustomization of the Russians in the Ural”, specific life arrangement on a new territory, occupation of the Ural Mountains (aka “Rock Belt”) by legendary industrialists, namely the Demidovs, the Tverdyshevs, the Myasnikovs, and also the trace of Emelian Pugachev;


• Visit to the Museum of Local History in Beloretsk exhibiting unique products of local mining plants and interesting household items.


• Introduction to specific local views and concepts about the Earth and a human being; historical and family legends, myths and folk tales.


• Visit to worshiped/sacred springs: Sazhelka Spring (village of Kaga), “Rotten” Well (village of Uzyan). Water is allowed to be taken, if attendees have suitable containers.

Сюжет о маршруте "Магнитогорск - Белорецк - Узян - Кага" проекта Пути Урала в "Выходной" ТВ ИН

История о звоне Кагинских колоколов, которых нет

Фрагменты рассказа Экскурсовода экскурсионного тура "Горнозаводская цивилизация Южного Урала"


Фрагмент рассказа Экскурсовода в музее Белорецка


Исполнение Частушек в с. Кага


Фрагмент рассказа экскурсовода

Исполнение "Калинушки" в с. Кага


Рассказ в с. Кага о традиции плача "Яблонька" перед свадьбой


Самобытные слова с. Каги - Загадки

Знакомство с традиционной выпечкой Урала на экскурсионном маршруте

Weekend Group Tour


10 people and over




1700 rubles. person - a group of 10 people

1300 rubles. person - a group of 15 people

1000 rubles. person - a group of 20 people



  Fee includes guide service, transportation

and all admission tickets. Lunch is optional and self-pay.




Please call for booking: +7(3519) 29-55-88

Mn to Fr: 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Chapaeva str, 13. Synthes office



Requests for corporate guided tours are accepted from organizations.




Phone: 29-55-88

Аddress: Chapaev Street,13, of. Synthesis

e-mail: info@uralways.ru